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Hi, I'm Luke Sutton.
That's my wife, Liza there with me in the photo, standing by a beautiful lake (loch) in the highlands of Scotland on a wonderful 4 week vacation a few years ago.

When you are enjoying Online Net Success, you are able to take time off and go on wonderful vacations, and do lots of other terrific things in life.

I enjoy helping people achieve a level of Online Net Success,
so they can also experience a better lifestyle.  This website is dedicated to showing people some ways and opportunities to achieve that kind of Success.

I've been a full-time online marketer since 1999, and have combined online marketing with network marketing and direct sales since 2008.  In all my many years of online marketing and network marketing, I've made a lot of money, including making 7-figures a year in one of my online businesses.

A HUGE amount of people believe in the dream of making money in a home business, because they hear of other people doing it.  Unfortunately, the sad fact is that about 95% of people who get into a home business fail, becuase they are lacking in one or more of the 4 "Must-Have" ingredients you need to succeed.

I'll tell you what those ingredients are in a moment, but here is another BIG reason why people fail in a home business.......

They get LAZY, IMPATIENT and FRUSTRATED, so they often quit within the first month of joining a home busness program.  What a shame. 

My gosh, in my first online business that I started in 1998 (an e-commerce website selling products), I made very little profit for my first 6 months.  I made revenue, but very little profit.  I got my business going and worked it while also working a full-time job and commuting a total of 3 hours a day. I slept about 3 to 4 hours a night while building my business for the first 9 months.  I wanted so badly to be working Full-Time at  home, so I kept at it.  I was PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT in my marketing efforts.

My efforts eventually paid off BIG TIME to the tune of 7 figures a year in revenue

So, when I see people quitting after the first month, because they made little or no money, I'm in disbelief.  Then.... Because they still believe in the "dream", they look for the next opportunity, join that one, and fail once again for the same reasons.

This is a terrible rut that thousands and thousands of good, well-meaning people are getting into on a regular basis.

To enjoy Online Net Success, it's important to get involved with a home business that has these 4 ingredients:

1.  A product or service that's in very large demand.
It doesn't matter how great your marketing is, if you are promoting something that people don't want, you won't make much money.

2.  An automated marketing system that does most of the work for you.
You don't want be explaining your opportunity from scratch to each and every prospect you talk with.  It's MUCH better to send your prospects through an automated marketing system and sales funnel that does all the selling and explaining for you, as well as all the follow-up email communications.

3.  A reliable way to consistently generate leads every day.
LEADS are the lifeblood of any business.  If you don't have a good supply of leads, you don't have enough people to show your opportunity to, so you make little or no money.

4.  A sponsor that will REALLY HELP YOU.
How many times have I heard from people that they joined a home business program, paid their money, and then they can NEVER get in touch with their sponsor for help.  That is a crime that happens WAY too often.  It's disgraceful. You need to join with a sponsor who will be there to help you and is easy to get in touch with.

Here's an example of a Fantastic home business opportunity that has ALL these 4 ingredients, and can help you gain Online Net Success ===>> CLICK HERE.
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